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Blue Ear Range is a place of wonder in North Park, Colorado.
Located just below Wyoming along the North Platte River Valley at 8,200 ft. elevation, BER's 1.7 million square feet provide enough room to hike or bike hills and valleys on the property, while viewing spectacular mountains, forests, stars and cloud formations in all directions. Snow-capped mountains surround BER's sagelands, and forests of fir, spruce, pine and aspen clothe BER's hillsides in color throughout the year.
BER's larger animals include elk, deer, antelope, bear, coyote, grouse, golden eagle and occasional, rarer predators.
Thousands of birds inhabit BER and North Park. Snowshoe hare, jackrabbits and cottontail rabbits are residents of the sageland and often drop by the picnic table for handouts.
Hundreds of wildflowers, miniature cacti and exotic lichen have adapted to specific microenvironments of BER's landscape.
Like the remote places of many dream escapes, BER has no access to public utilities of any kind. BER is rich in sun and wind power though, so the progression through development of on-site self-dependence is a welcome challenge. Several excellent sources of information concerning remote site power generation show a substantial public interest in this area, and we'll play with a variety of options beginning in 2003, and keep notes on this website.

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